Strengthening Measures Against Counterfeit Bearings for Customer Safety and Assurance



NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) will introduce new label that use holograms and other features as a new initiative to prevent the distribution of counterfeit bearings.

NTN delivers a variety of products to customers including the “ULTAGE” series, which is the world's highest standard new generation bearing. Meanwhile, NTN has been confronted with the issue of counterfeit bearings being distributed under the NTN brand particularly overseas markets, and these counterfeit bearings are not only of inferior quality, there is a risk that they will cause a serious accident such as stopping the customer's manufacturing process or causing problems for vehicles.

As a countermeasure for this situation, NTN will introduce a counterfeit prevention product label. The new label will use a hologram that is difficult to counterfeit and also be printed with several types of micro characters that cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. Furthermore, the customer can read a QR code* printed on the label using a dedicated application to determine that it is a genuine product. The new label against counterfeit bearings will be affixed to the inner box of products shipped sequentially from April 2017.

NTN will strengthen its countermeasures for counterfeit bearings globally from now and has been establishing a system to ensure that our customers can use NTN products and trust that they are of excellent quality.

New label features

(1) Hologram  Adopt a hologram that is very difficult to counterfeit
(2) Micro characters Print several types of micro characters that cannot be distinguished with the naked eye
(3) QR code Use a QR code with a product ID number


Counterfeit prevention product label
* QR codes are a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.


Counterfeit prevention product label
Counterfeit prevention product label




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